Linda Williams

Linda Williams was born in Sweden in 1976 and has lived in Paris since 2004. After studyinǵ in the ‘Art, Crafts and Design’ section at the Nyckelviksskolan School of Art in Stockholm in 2012-13, she took a number of courses in artistic techniques such as ceramics, sculpture and screen printing.

 Linda Williams is exhibiting a series of paintings devoted to spring, symbolising ‘becoming’: something joyous and full of life that is reborn after the desolation of winter. She draws her inspiration from ‘kalhygge’ – the clearings formed by the felling of trees in forests. These are ‘broken lands’; a desolate space, but lush with diverse regrowth; desolate, but also full of hope and reminiscence. This particular space is as abstract as a sensation, a feeling, a memory.

In her artistic work, Linda Williams seeks out the emotions she feels when confronted with nature, and the sensations that were imprinted on her body and left a deep impression on her during her childhood in Sweden. There is a kind of intimate, personal truth here, a quest that painting must convey, with its constantly reinvented language.

 “And it was there somewhere that I became who I am today (Och där nånstans blev jag den jag är nu). This phrase from the song ‘Söndermarken’ by Lars Winnerbäck is particularly meaningful to me. In my painting, I keep returning to the landscapes of my childhood in Dalarna, the landscapes where I actually ‘became who I am today’. No doubt to understand myself, but also to convey the emotion of the beauty of nature.”