Marie Sandell

Marie Sandell is a Swedish artist who lives in Lysekil in the beautiful Bohuslän region. She has been painting since the 1970s and discovered acrylic paint randomly only a few years ago. Today it is the medium she works with most to create her figurative landscapes bordering on the abstract and inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of the Swedish west coast.

A stormy sea, steep cliffs, a sunset reflected in the water. The magic of nature when it looks like a painting itself. All this is captured in Marie Sandell’s paintings. It is not uncommon for the finished painting to look like a place she has been. The subconscious having decided to bring out the defining moments on the canvas.

Using soft colours, her paintings transform the room where they are hung into a haven of peace and bring an atmosphere that is often found in Scandinavian interior design. Her clean style echoes the Nordic way of life, where simplicity of living is the order of the day.

“I want my art to capture the viewer’s curiosity and take them on an exciting journey of discovery. The more you look at a painting, the more you discover. My paintings may seem very subtle at first, but behind the surface there are many stories.”