Susanne Jardeback

Susanne Jardeback Olesen, began taking fine art classes in the late 70’s, working mainly with oil on canvas. She further trained under Professor Georg Suttner (Professor, Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm), at the prestigious Lidingoakademi in Stockholm where her art became bolder, moving from landscape to pure abstraction.
Susanne works mainly in the mediums of oil, acrylic and sewing threads. The coloristic sense is always strongly present regardless of the medium she chooses to work in.

Susanne was awarded Nobel Artist from 2011 – 2014 by The Royal Academy of Sciences – a prestigious appointment for Swedish artists. Selected artists design the artwork for each Nobel Prize winner, in the form of a Diploma. Susanne created Diploma artwork for Prize winners in Economics (2011), Chemistry (2012) and Physics (2013) and Economics (2014).

Susanne works from her studio in Ask, situated amongst the beautiful rolling hills surrounding the national park of Söderåsen, east of Helsingborg, Sweden. She exhibits widely around the country with her delicate, yet strong, abstract work.

“When colour meets various forms, this results in an image which leads the viewer into new and completely unexplored environments. It becomes a journey into the pictures’ own reality, where sometimes things that feel familiar to the eye are in fact something entirely new.”