Nathalie Thengius

Swedish-born Nathalie Thengius is a young artist making a name for herself by capturing the magic of Scandinavian mysticism through her spellbinding canvases. Born in 1989 and self-taught, Thengius developed a passion for art at an early age and pursued formal studies at the University of Södertälje, where she honed her artistic skills.

From misty forests to rugged terrains, she immerses herself in the essence of nature, capturing moments that evoke both serenity and dynamism. Her artistic journey has been shaped by her intuitive connection to the forest.

Through her work, Thengius seeks to transport viewers into a realm of introspection and contemplation. Her paintings, characterized by a rich and nuanced color palette, reflect her inner emotions and the awe-inspiring majesty of Nordic scenery. Each artwork invites the audience to experience a sense of timelessness, where boundless adventures await and the deep forest speaks through vibrant brushstrokes.

Thengius’s artistic exploration honors the serenity found in nature, offering viewers an opportunity to connect with the profound beauty that surrounds us. In her art, she communicates the inherent tranquility that can be discovered when one delves deeply into the nature. Through her unique perspective, Thengius reveals the power of art to convey the essence of the soul and the enduring allure of the wilderness.

« Venturing through mist-shrouded forests and rugged terrains, I delve into the very essence of Scandinavian nature. Capturing moments of serenity and dynamism, where time appears suspended, and boundless adventures beckon ».