Nathalie Thengius

Swedish-born Nathalie Thengius is a young artist making a name for herself by capturing the magic of Scandinavian mysticism through her spellbinding canvases. Born in 1989 and self-taught, Thengius developed a passion for art at an early age and pursued formal studies at the University of Södertälje, where she honed her artistic skills.

Her distinctive style is most apparent in her landscape paintings, which transport viewers into a world imbued with mystery and spirituality. Inspired by Nordic legends and traditions, Thengius explores the sacred nature of Scandinavia through visually rich compositions imbued with symbolism and emotional depth. Her works often exude a magical atmosphere, where natural elements seem to merge with mystical forces.

The artist uses a rich, nuanced colour palette to bring her artistic visions to life, creating paintings that evoke both the majesty of Nordic nature and the deep spirituality that permeates the region. Her canvases invite viewers into introspective contemplation, transporting them beyond the limits of the tangible into a realm of the soul and spirit.

Her artistic exploration of Scandinavian mysticism makes a valuable contribution to the contemporary art scene, reaffirming the power of art to transcend cultural boundaries and communicate universal truths.

« Venturing through mist-shrouded forests and rugged terrains, I delve into the very essence of Scandinavian nature. Capturing moments of serenity and dynamism, where time appears suspended, and boundless adventures beckon ».